Artist: Sam Smith
Song: How Will I Know (Whitney Houston Cover)

This is the greatest cover ever. 


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Hannah got me this badass screen print for my birthday. The artist prints images on random dictionary pages. You can’t see it, but this one starts with “dodger” and has all D words like “dog” and “dog-days.” 
I’m in love!

Attention all boys, please stop with the bucket hats. That is all. 

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Heaven just got a little more badass. RIP James Garner. 

Les Beehive – Liv Tyler by Guy Aroch for Violet Grey

 I have this date Friday to go hiking/swimming at the Eno River with a b-o-y and I have no idea what to wear, haha. I love the outdoors but I’ve never gone like, real-deal rugged trail hiking. I’m not sure if that’s what this will be but I don’t want to show up dressed like Princess Coachella-Ali-Macgraw-cutoffpants and look ridiculous. Also what shoes do you wear if you don’t have boots?  

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